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Lidiya L. Chebotariova +380 44 483-95-35

Lidia L. Chebotariova
Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Lidia L. Chebotariova – Head of Neurophysiology Department , Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Honoured Worker in Science and Technology of Ukraine.

Lidia L. Chebotariova was born in Kiev, on November 25, 1945. After finishing a secondary school she entered A.A.Bohomolets Kiev Medical Institute from which she graduated with honours in 1969. While still a student, L.L.Chebotariova, a doctor and scientist to be, decided to dedicate her life to neurology. L.L.Chebotariova had been working at the leading national centre of neurophysiology, A.A.Bohomolets Institute of Neurophysiology, from 1971 till 1984.

Thereafter, L.L.Chebotariova worked as a senior researcher at R.E.Kavetskiy Institute of Oncology Problems (1984-1987) and at Kharkiv Research Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry (1989-1991).

She has been working as a chief researcher of the State Institution “Acad. A.P.Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” from 1991 up to present day; as Head of Neurophysiology Department – since 2015. L.L.Chebotariova is the author of more than 180 academic papers. She acted as an academic adviser for 2 doctoral theses, and a research adviser for 4 PhD theses, and has been a member of the Academic Board of the Institute of Neurosurgery, as well as a Fellow of the Specialized Academic Council on M.D. Degree Conferment D 26.557.01(specialty – “neurosurgery”).

During her work at the Institute of Neurosurgery L.L.Chebotariova, together with the staff of the department, introduced a number of electrophysiological and ultrasound techniques. Currently, practically all modern methods of electrophysiological and ultrasound diagnosis of the central nervous system are used in the department.

The functional diagnosis department conducts 9-10,000 patient examinations annually. The staff includes two Doctors of Medicine, a Professor; 5 Candidates of Medicine; 2 doctoral and 2 candidate’s dissertations are being currently prepared. The staff have published about 200 research papers over the last decade. The department is the main national centre of the training of specialists in CNS diseases functional diagnosis. Over 100 doctors have been trained here during the last 10 years.


Albina I. Tretiakova
Doctor of Medicine

Albina I. Tretiakova – Head of Functional Diagnosis Department of the SI “Acad. A.P.Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Doctor of Medicine.

A.I.Tretiakova graduated from the Department of General Medicine of A.A.Bohomolets Kyiv Medical Institute in 1997. She has been working as a physician at the Functional Diagnosis Department of Acad. A.P.Romodanov Institute, NAMS of Ukraine; as Head of the Functional Diagnosis Department – since 2015.

A.I.Tretiakova did internship in neurology, specialized in functional diagnosis and ultrasound diagnosis in P.L.Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education in 1997-98. She was awarded the title of Specialist in Functional Diagnosis in 2008, and a title of Specialist in Ultrasound Diagnosis in 2013.

During her work at the Institute of Neurosurgery A.I.Tretiakova has combined diagnosis and treatment with research work, implemented the results of research and introduced them into practice of Functional Diagnosis Department, reconstructive neurosurgery, neurorehabilitation. A.I.Tretiakova participated in 14 research projects of the institute. She defended PhD Thesis “Clinical-ENMG diagnosis and control of facial nerve injuries treatment” (speciality 14.01.15 – diseases of the nervous system) in 2004; Doctoral Thesis “Clinico-neurophysiological aspects of vertebrogenic cervical myelopathy” (speciality 14.01.15 – diseases of the nervous system) – in 2014.

A.I.Tretiakova is the author of more than 70 research papers, including coauthorship in writing instruction materials/the guidelines for physicians, methodological guidelines. She has obtained 4 Ukrainian invention patents. A.I.Tretiakova regularly participates in both national and international scientific conferences and congresses.


Staff doctors and researchers of the Functional Diagnosis Department:


Irina Ph. Zemskova,
a neurologist,
a researcher,
Candidate of Medicine
Marina V. Globa,
a researche,
Doctor of Medicine,
a sonographic practitioner, a neurologist
Viktorya V. Vashchenko,
a specialist in functional diagnosis, a sonographic practitioner, a neurologist,
a researcher,
Candidate of Medicine
Anna V. Mikhal,
a specialist in functional diagnosis,
Candidate of Medicine
Leonid L. Marushchenko,
a sonographic practitioner, a neurosurgeon,
Candidate of Medicine
Alexey M. Kanaykin,
a specialist in functional diagnosis,
a researcher
Ludmila N. Suliy,
a specialist in functional diagnosis, a sonographic practitioner, a neurologist,
a researcher
Alexandr S. Solonovych,
a neurologist, a specialist in functional diagnosis,
a researcher

Diagnostic services of the Functional Diagnosis Department

The Functional Diagnosis Department provides examination and tests to the in-patients of SI “A.P.Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery, NAMS of Ukraine, as well as to the out-patients referred for examination by the doctors of the Institute of Neurosurgery health-centre.

The Functional Diagnosis Department provides outpatient diagnostics to the patients from other health institutions (by previous appointment).

Information for patients

Basic neurophysiological procedures:

1. Digital electroencephalography (EEG) / computer electroencephalography (CEEG)

Offices: 241, 242, 243, 244. Pre-appointment calls: +380 95 487-21-31.

2. Brain evoked potentials (EP) – cognitive, visual, auditory, brainstem, somato-sensory

Offices: 241, 242, 245.

3. Neuropsychological testing

Offices: 241, 242.

4. Computer electroneuromyography (ENMG)

Offices:Кабинеты: 241, 245.

5. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – diagnostic and therapeutic

Office: 245.

The examination is carried out with the help of of modern equipment of the following companies: DX-systems, Brain_Test 24k, “Neurosoft”, “NeuroMS/D”.

Pre-appointment calls: +38 (068)-302-67-22.


Main ultrasonography techniques:

1. Vascular ultrasonography (duplex scanning of head and neck great vessels, transcranial duplex scanning, transcranial doppler ultrasound, intraoperative dopplerography)

Offices 256, 256а, 258.

2. Neurosonography in Neonates and infants (NSN)

Offices: 257, 258.

3. Ultrasonography of abdominal cavity organs, thyroid gland, pelvic organs, lower extremity blood vessels.

Offices: 257, 258.

The examinations are carried out with the use of modern equipment: Toshiba Aplio 400, Toshiba Aplio MX, Siemens «Sonoline G50», Siemens Cypress Acuson, Logiq Book, Angiodin PC.

Pre-appointment calls: +38 (068)-302-67-23.


Information for Doctors

The Fuctional Diagnosis Department provides training courses/traineeship for specialists in functional diagnosis, ultrasonography specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, psychoneurologists, psychiatrists, orthopaedists, pediatric neurologists, family physicians, general practitioners, internship doctors.

«Functional diagnosis of the diseases of the nervous system»
«Computer-based electroneuromyography»
«Computer-based electroencephalography»
«Computer-based electromyography, evoked potentials, transcranial magnetic stimulation»
«Brain evoked potentials»
«Ultrasonographic diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases»
«Neurosonography in neonates and infants»

Training courses are conducted by the leading specialists of the Functional Diagnosis Department of the Institute of Neurosurgery.

Opened the website of the Public organization “Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists”.
Information on courses on electroneuromyography:
Apply for courses in electromyography

Information on other cycles, please clarify in September by phone: 068-302-67-23, 068-302-67-22.

Responsible for conducting courses Professor Chebotarova Lydia Lvovna, e-mail:


Working hours: Monday – Friday 8.45 am — 4.30 pm (Saturday, Sunday — days off).

Address: 32 Platona Mayborody St., (building 5), Kyiv-050, 04050.

Tel: +38(044) 483-95-35, +38 (068)-302-67-22 (neurophysiology), +38(068)-302-67-23(ultrasonography)


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