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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
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Laboratory of Experimental Neurosurgery

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How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, building 1, floor 1 (see Map and Institute scheme).

Nina Y. Gridina

head of the laboratory

MD, PhD, leading researcher


Olga M. Velychko


Natalia O. Olenytsia

leading engineer

Oleksandr P. Kolisnychenko

leading engineer

Mariya I. Osypenko

laboratory assistant

Kateryna Y. Melnyk

laboratory assistant

Anna D. Biloysova

laboratory assistant

Laboratory of Experimental Neurosurgery created in 1950. Former heads of the laboratory include: Isaak D. Virozub, MD, PhD, DSc (1950-1956), Taras M. Sergiyenko, MD, PhD, DSc, Prof (1956-1986), Oleg V. Kopyov, MD, PhD, DSc (1987-1990), Oleksandr O. Radzievskiy, MD, PhD (1992-1993), Ada P. Cherchenko, MD, PhD (1993-2006).

Main directions of scientific activity

– study of mechanisms of malignant progression of brain gliomas and methods of their correction in experiments and clinical studies;

– study of behavioral reactions of rats after transplantation of brain stem cells and mesenchymal cells.

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