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National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine
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Reception of Director

Reception of Outpatient Clinic

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Registration for diagnostics

+380 95 487-21-31
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Electroneuromyography, electroencephalography
+380 68 302-67-22

Ultrasound studies of blood vessels
+380 68 302-67-23
+380 98 006-29-09

+380 44 483-82-07

Radiosurgery, MRI, MSCT
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MRI, MSCT, x-ray studies
+380 44 483-06-68

Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute is the leading institution for the Neurosurgery in Ukraine

Fields of activity :
● Diagnostic and treatment of adults and children with disorders of the nervous system
– tumors of the brain and spinal cord and peripheral nerves
– vascular pathology of the neck, head and spinal cord (aneurysm, malformation, stroke)
– Acute traumatic brain and spinal injury, peripheral nerve injury and the consequences of such injuries
– functional disorders of the nervous system (Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy)
– degenerative diseases of the spine (herniated discs)
– pain syndromes
● Scientific research
– search for new and improvement of existing methods of diagnostic and treatment of diseases of the nervous system
● Organizational activity
– organization of neurosurgical meetings
– publication of informational materials about innovations
● Training
– the institute has Clinical residency, Fellowship, Doktorantura and information and training monothematic courses
– the institute has Specialized Academic Council in thesis defense by Neurosurgery
– the institute forms Specialized Academic Council for one-time defense of the dissertation for the degree of PhD
● Publishing
– Institute of Neurosurgery is the co-founder and publisher of Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal



28.11.2022. Проведено міждисциплінарний симпозіум «Око – це частина мозку, винесена на периферію», який відбувся у змішаному форматі (офлайн та онлайн) 26 листопада 2022 р.

25.11.2022. УНА Академія. Хірургічне лікування посттравматичної нейропатії ліктьового нерву. Бойова травма

25.11.2022. A week left to apply for the Scholarship: Master’s SURGICAL APPROACHES TO CRANIO-VERTEBRAL JOINT

25.11.2022. Join us in the next webinar organized by the EANS Neuro-Oncology Section!

25.11.2022. Intraoperative Neurophysiology in Neurosurgery EANS Symposium: Two weeks left to submit your abstract!

22.11.2022. УНА АКАДЕМІЯ. Відеопрезентація. Бойова травма. Післятравматична нейропатія малогомілкового нерву.

19.11.2022. 22 уроки війни. Поранення периферичних нервів. Професор А.Г. Сірко, І.Ю. Кирпа. 2022

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