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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Outpatient Clinic

Andriy S. Bolyukh +380 44 484-18-73

Department head – Andriy S. Bolyukh, MD, PhD (since 2017).

The policlinic department of the institute was opened in 1950. Its former heads include: Т.Т.Lukianov (1950-1967), P.О. Suherey (1967-1970), V.А.Melnychenko (1970-1973), H.V.Zhyrnova (1973-1984), Yury M. Glushchenko (1984-2017).

Key activity areas – provision of specialized consultative care to neurosurgical patients.

The policlinic is composed of:

–  functional neurosurgery office;
–  neuroophthalmology office;
–  otoneurology office;
–  psycho-neurology office;
–  prophylaxis office.

Modern diagnostic methods are used for examining patients, including REG, computed X-ray imaging and MRI, ЕхоЕГ, isotopic methods of diagnosis, electromyography, research of evoked potentials, as well as vibroacustic research.

The prophylaxis office provides case follow-up of postoperative neurosurgical cases in order to detect CNS continuing tumor growth, adjust rehabilitation and assess catamnesis data.

The Department is located in the 9st building of Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute (see Institute scheme).

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