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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
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Electronic Microscopy Laboratory

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Set up in 1962. A base Laboratory of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine. The laboratory were headed by Prof. V.P.Tushevskiy, MD, (1962-1990), prof. A.T.Nosov (1990–2010).

The laboratory is fitted out with modern electronic microscopy equipment and computer machines (ЕМ-400Т by “PHILIPS”, ultramicrotomes LKB III and Reichert, image analysis system IBAS-2000 by “OPTON”.

Key areas of research:

  • study of dynamics of ultrastructural changes in cerebral tissues in case of cerebral blood circulation disorders;
  • study of ultrastructural changes in brain neurons during experimentl edema-swelling;
  • identification of morphofunctional criteria of nervous cell viability at the ultrastructural level in the process of their ischemic damage;
  • study of histogenesis of brain tumors and identification of key electronic microscopy characteristics of tumor cells;
  • study of apoptosis of nervous and tumor cells under the action of various physicochemical factors;
  • study of ultrastructural and cytoenzimochemical characteristics of brain tissues in experimental animals in the dynamics of the posttraumatic stage;
  • study of structural and functional condition of the brain during implantation of embryonic nervous tissue;
  • study of ultrastructural changes in brain tissue in children with congenital CNS anomalies;
  • ultrastructural study of immune properties of brain nervous cells in ontogenesis;
  • study of ultrastructural damage of the peripheral nerve during transplantation of embryonic nervous tissue;
  • study of ultrastructural changes in nervous and tumor cells under the action of high-energy laser irradiation.

The Laboratory is located in the 1st (administrative and laboratory) building of Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute (see Institute scheme).

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