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Neuropathomorphology Department

The Neuropathomorphology Department include:

– Pathology Laboratory

– Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

– Tissue Culture Laboratory

Pathology laboratory

Tel. +380 44 483-92-08


How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 1, 4th floor (see Map and Institute scheme).


Tetyana A. Malysheva

Head of the Neuropathomorphology Department,

MD, PhD, DSc, Pathology, Senior Research Fellow

magister degree in public administration (NASU),

Pathologist of the highest category


Oksana H. Chernenko

Head of the Pathology Laboratory,

MD, PhD, Pathology

Pathologist of the highest category,

Senior Research Fellow


Anna A. Shmelova

Senior Research,

Candidate of Biological Sciences,

Pathologist of the highest category


Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

Tel. +380 44 483-82-35


How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 1, 1st floor (see Map and Institute scheme).


Viktoriya V. Vaslovych



Anatoliy V. Bulavka

Candidate of Biological Sciences,


Olena O. Gromak

Senior laboratory assistant,

Laboratory technician of the highest category

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Tel. +380 44 486-46-20


How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 1, 5th floor (see Map and Institute scheme).


Larisa D. Lyubich

Head of the laboratory,

Doctor of Biological Sciences,

Senior of science collaborator


Larisa P. Stаіnо



Diana M. Yehorova

Junior researcher


The main directions of scientific research

  • Study of the histobiological properties of tumors of the nervous system (central and peripheral).
  • Study of structural changes of the central nervous system in various pathological conditions: structural features of cells of the nervous system (including brain membranes, blood vessels, tumors of various histogenesis). Morphometry of the area and diameter of various cells (neurons, subtypes glia, cells stroma,  endotheliocytes).
  • Correlation of the number and structure of different cells in pathological conditions of the nervous and vascular system with appropriate statistical processing.
  • Study of the morphogenesis of cerebral blood circulation disorders. Study of structural features and topography and microsurgical anatomy of arterial aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Research of collateral blood circulation of the brain in aneurysms and stenotic-occlusive lesions of its vessels.
  • Study of morphological changes of the central nervous system in case of cranial and spinal cord injury (in an experiment).
  • Establishment of structural changes in the central nervous system during chronic exposure to small doses of ionizing radiation.
  • Elucidation of morphological changes of the brain and spinal cord in congenital malformations of the central nervous system.
  • Study of morphological changes of the brain and spinal cord in infectious processes of the central nervous system (bacterial, viral, combined, specific).

On the basis of the department, conditions have been created for mastering and improving the method of diagnosing tumor and vascular lesions of the central nervous system. There is a simulator for practicing microneurosurgical interventions (microsurgical anatomy of the central nervous system) with a certificate issued by the Scientific Organizational Department of the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute.

Information for scientists

If your scientific interests relate to and include the study of the morphological, molecular, immunogenetic bases of CNS pathology, the course and formation of pathological processes of various etiopathogenesis, above all, the justification of treatment schemes for focal lesions of the brain and spinal cord, the Department of Neuropathomorphology offers methodical and practical scientific and diagnostic cooperation.

According to the existing world standards and with the aim of increasing the methodical and scientific-practical level of scientific research works and dissertation works, the direction of neuropathomorphology is basically formed in scientific research works, which contributes to joint interdepartmental and multi-branch scientific research developments and the implementation of individual fragments of the NDR with functioning and certified divisions of our institution.

The Department of Neuropathomorphology offers:

Application of standard and special (in accordance with the purpose of the study) methods of preparation and staining of preparations for light microscopy (of various tissues);
Methods of preparation and staining of samples for electron microscopy (of various tissues);
Immunophenotyping of tumors (with an emphasis on nervous tissue) according to the purpose and objectives of the study.

Modern methods of light-optical and electron-microscopic research; morphometric studies of pathogistological preparations of light-optical and electronograms on the IBAS image analysis system [Germany], methods of statistical processing of the received data using the STATISTICA 6.1 package and MS Excel 2007 spreadsheets and built-in specific macros (specialized in statistical studies in biology and medicine).

Electron microscopy on ЕМ-400Т of the company “PHILIPS” [Netherlands] and 100-01 of Sumsk OAO “SELMI”, [Ukraine] compatible with the image analysis system using a digital camera and software of the company “Kappa opto-electronics GmbH” [Germany] Kappa ImageBase Manuals, version 2.7.2

Photo registration and archiving (digitization) to objectify detected changes (digital microphotography and photo printing).

Information for patients

Diagnostic services of the department

The department of neuropathomorphology conducts complex morphological studies of inpatients of the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute, as well as self-referrals of patients who have a referral and justification for the need to conduct a pathogistological examination by neurosurgical, neurological and oncological consultant doctors.

The Department of Neuropathomorphology provides consultative diagnostic services — a professional integrated assessment of cases operated on in other medical institutions (upon prior agreement of the research regulations, depending on the nature of the material).

Basic morphological techniques

  • Intravital morphological diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system when surgical material is removed (biopsies, including puncture);
  • High-quality conducting of morphological studies in accordance with existing standards, the list approved by the current legislation|order-instructions|, and provisions|opinions| institutions
  • Dynamic control over the effectiveness of treatment and prognostic assessment of markers of the course of diseases and pathological processes of the nervous system on biopsies (nosomorphosis and pathomorphosis);
  • Internal and external reference assessment (quality control) of biopsies neuropathomorphological profile.
  • Diagnosis of diseases during autopsies establishment of thanatogenesis and causes of fatal complications;
  • Expert assessment of complex clinical-diagnostic cases and clinical-pathological-anatomical ones parallels in the pathology of the nervous system.
  • Implementation of progressive forms of work, new methods and techniques of research and measurements, which have high accuracy and diagnostic reliability.
  • Improving the quality of morphological studies by systematically conducting internal control of measurements in the department.
  • The activities of the electron microscopy laboratory are aimed at qualitative evaluation of the ultrastructure in various types of nervous system pathology according to the scientific plans of the institution and on contractual terms (in agreement with the scientific part of the institution).
  • Electron-microscopic, morphometric studies are carried out: studies of ultrastructural, cell characteristics of nervous system tissues (experimental studies in modeling disorders of cerebral blood circulation, inflammatory-degenerative lesions of the CNS, injuries of various degrees of severity, tumors of the CNS, primarily gliomas) with the study of the therapeutic effect of various physical and chemical and biological (ENT) factors to objectify their impact.
  • Electron microscopy methods (intraoperative removal of tissue in a special solution) allow differential assessment and identification of the histogenesis of CNS and PNS tumors (including their rare variants).
  • Methodical assistance in carrying out morphological studies according to|in accordance with| plans of the scientific research works, interdisciplinary scientific and research developments, scientific programs, dissertation works (in agreement with the scientific part of the Institute).

Research in the department is carried out on modern equipment: hardware and software complex for morphological research “Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH” (Germany), Zeisse microscopes “Axio Lab.A1” with “A-Plan” 10x, 20x 40x and 100x (Germany), Axiophot “OPTON” (Germany). Electron microscope ПЕМ-100-01 of the company “SELMI” (Ukraine). Image analysis system SAZ-01 AVN with software “Kappa opto-electronics GmbH” ([Germany). “Carl Zeiss” micrometer object, Reichert Jung Ultramicrotome.

For questions regarding the consultation of histological preparations (conducting additional morphological studies) in order to establish a probable morphological diagnosis, contact tel. +380 44 483-92-08 (Neuropathomorphology Department, Tetyana A. Malysheva) or to the e-mail

Information for doctors

On the basis of the Neuropathomorphology Department, the following are carried out:

  • reference assessment and differential diagnosis of pathological processes of the nervous system (pathohistological diagnosis);
  • information and internship courses for pathologists, neurosurgeons, interns, and clinical residents.


  • Anatomy of the nervous system and microsurgical anatomy of the brain;
  • Morphological diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases;
  • Histological diagnosis of volume lesions of the brain and spinal cord.

The courses are conducted by specialists of the department who have experience in the field of general pathology, neuropathomorphology and anatomy of the nervous system. Duration – 2 weeks (for doctors with morphological methods). Upon completion of the courses, a certificate of completion of information courses and internship at the workplace leading to a state diploma is issued (upon prior agreement with the scientific and organizational department of the Institute).

The laboratory of electron microscopy has considerable experience and research opportunities in the areas of: differential morphological diagnosis of intracranial tumors with correlative indicators of structural morphometric characteristics of various cells of the nervous system (features of the microenvironment, background metabolic pathology, molecular changes and the degree of malignancy and invasiveness of tumors), cerebrovascular pathology (congenital, acquired, induced), craniocerebral trauma and its consequences (aspects of reparative processes in nervous tissue) and traumatic lesions of peripheral nerves, inflammatory-degenerative lesions of the CNS, epilepsy and epistaxis; malformations of the central nervous system, ecopathology (radiation pathomorphology of the nervous and neuroendocrine systems), effects of experimental use of mesenchymal and neural stem/progenitor cells (NSCs), embryonic and postnatal cells.

For questions about internship courses, contact tel. +380 44 483-92-08 (Neuropathomorphology Department, Tetyana A. Malysheva) or +380 44 483-91-98 (Scientific Organizational Department, Tetyana A. Yovenko).

The department is certified for the right to measure the indicators of objects in the Derzhspozhivstandard of Ukraine.

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