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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Scientific and Organizational Department

Tel. 044 483-91-98
How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 3, 3rd floor (see Map and Institute scheme).

Vera A. Vasyuta
MD, PhD, DSc, ophthalmologist, Head of Department

Tetyana A. Yovenko

Svitlana A. Verbovska

Anna N. Nikiforova
Researcher, statisticians of the Department of Medical Statistics

Liudmyla V. Gubenko
laboratory assistant, clerk

Valentyn O. Kuzmenko
laboratory assistant
Scientific and Organization Department was created in 1950, it was headed by:
1950-1953 Andrey P. Romodanov, MD, PhD >>>
1954-1957 Yuri N. Kvitnisky-Ryzhov, MD, PhD >>>
1957-1959 Yakov I. Fraynzilber, MD, PhD >>>
1960-1976 Mark K. Brotman, MD, PhD >>>
1977-1985 Pavel A. Pronzelev, MD, PhD, DSc >>>
1986-1988 Nikolay P. Guk, MD, PhD >>>
1989-2000 Yaroslav V. Patsko, MD, PhD, DSc >>>
2001-2016 Nikolay A. Sapon, MD, PhD, DSc >>>

2016-2022 Leonid D. Pichkur, MD, PhD, DSc >>>

Department main activities
1. Research on organization issues in neurosurgery, field programs on neurosurgical pathology prevalence and prediction, development of new information medical technologies or complicity in research, carried out in other departments of the Institute and other institutions of NAMS and Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
2. Advisory assistance to specialists from other Institute departments and specialized healthcare facilities on epidemiology and prediction of neurosurgical diseases.
3. Review organization, information and learning materials approval on the Institute Scientific Council (guidelines, recommendations on medical technologies use, information papers, brochures, etc.), and their publication.
4. Conclusion of agreements and contracts on cooperation with healthcare institutions on specialized neurosurgical care organization in the Institute, implementation of scientific design on organization and technical assistance.
5. Proposals submission, coordination with relevant Departments of NAMS, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, annual plan on scientific and organization work implementation.
6. Information and training courses for doctors providing (at the Institute).
7. Organization of scientific conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. Cooperation with organizing committees of medical exhibitions, exhibits and promotional materials selection and preparation.
8. Annual reports on Institute scientific proposals implementation (in Institute Departments and other health facilities), their approval on the scientific council and referral to Medical and Organizational Direction NAMS of Ukraine.
9. Organization of consideration, review and approval of methodical papers from medical institutions subordinated to the Institute (as the main neurosurgical institution in Ukraine).
10. Medical and statistic data collecting and processing. Ensuring the information reliability in medical records and reports. Medical and statistic analysis on health and healthcare state. Statistic reports submission to higher authorities. Medical statistic data management.
11. Cooperation with the media on public awareness about new medical technologies and theoretical developments in the field of neurosciences.
12. Institute website support, it’s content software on Institute main activities (diagnostic and treatment facilities, research results, methodological developments, personnel training, publishing activities).
13. Publishing activities (prepress and publishing of conference proceedings, guidelines etc.).

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