The State Institution
Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

2nd Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Tel. +380 44 483-18-77
How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 3, 4th floor (see Map and Institute scheme).

Maksym M. Pylypenko
MD, PhD, Anaesthesiology
Head of the department
The department was opened in 1988 when a new clinical building was put into operation and the number of neurosurgery beds wwas increased. The department was led by Rostyslav Yu. Yarotskiy (1988-2017), Sergiy V. Minov (2017–2020).

Key clinical areas
– development of intensive therapy problems for neurosurgical patients with brain edema using extracorporal detoxication methods;
– development of intensive therapy methods for neurosurgical patients with pyoinflammatory complications.

Key research areas
– forecast of anesthesia and intensive therapy consequences for neuro cancer patients during pre- and postoperative stages, using ultrafiltration of blood, hemosorption, ultraviolet irradiation of blood.

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