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Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal

Institute of Neurosurgery is the co-founder of Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal.

In 2000-2018 the journal was published under the title «Ukraïns’kij nejrohìrurgìčnij žurnal = Ukrainskij nejrohirurgičeskij žurnal = Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal». In 2019 the journal was re-registered with the only name of the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal.

Ukrainian Neurosurgical Journal is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal. Journal is covering research on neurosurgery, including neuroradiology, otoneurology, neuro ophthalmology, clinical neurophysiology, organic neurology, neuroimmunology, neurochemistry, and neuropathology; publishes issues of public health organization in the field of neurosurgery; informs on the activities of the Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons.

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