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30.05.2023. Thoracic spine surgery: Indications and Techniques

We want to invite you to participate to ”Update of Spine Surgery” webinar on behalf of the International Academy of Spine (IAS), the Middle East Spine Society (MESS), and WFNS Spine Committee.

7th June, Wednesday

18:00-19:00 Turkish Time (GMT +3)

Webinar #3: Update of Spine Surgery

Topic: Thoracic spine surgery: Indications and Techniques

Zan Chen: Decompression for thoracic disc herniation and canal stenosis

Roger Hartl: MIS decompressions for thoracic pathologies.

Corinna Zygourakis: Thoracic fusion techniques

Moderator: Salman Sharif

Organizers: Yahya Guvenc, Onur Yaman, Mehmet Zileli

You need to register for the meeting. After registration, you will get an acceptance E mail containing meeting participation information.

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