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11.05.2023. 11th Istanbul Yaşargil Microneurosurgery Course

16 – 22 August 2023
Istanbul – Turkey

Welcome to the 11th Istanbul Yaşargil
Microneurosurgery Course in Istanbul.
Over the last decade the appreciation for white matter has increased thus drawing more attention to the technique of fiber dissection. In this course we aim to teach the basics of fiber dissection technique, allowing the participant to follow and understand the complex anatomy, while appreciating the connections of white matter tracts.
The Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course is divided into two parts and is not only designed for neurosurgeons, but for all neuroscientists.
Unlike other courses, every participant will have an individual lab station equipped with necessary surgical tools and a microscope, allowing for a comfortable working environment without having to share specimen. To offer this comfort, the participant count is limited.

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