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Neurosurgical events

Forthcoming congresses and conferences of neurosurgeons in Ukraine and abroad [on third-party sites]

Reports in neurosurgical events [in Ukrainian]

Scientific and practical conference “Actual issues of neuroendocrinology”. Kyiv, Ukraine. May 24, 2024 [in Ukrainian]

Scientific and practical conference with international participation “Neurosurgical Case Lessons & Rare Diseases”. Kyiv, Ukraine. November 3, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Seminar “Tuberous sclerosis in children”. Kyiv, Ukraine. June 29, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Scientific and practical conference “Emergency neurosurgery”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of prof. H.P. Pedachenko. Kyiv, Ukraine. May 31 – June 1, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Seminar “Computer electroencephalography. Introductory course”. Kyiv, Ukraine. May 3-4, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Seminar “Diagnostic possibilities of neurosonography in pediatric neurology and neurosurgery.” Kyiv, Ukraine. April 11, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Seminar “Hydrocephalus in children – clinic, diagnosis, treatment”. Kyiv, Ukraine. February 28, 2023 [in Ukrainian]

Conference on Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery with international participants “Advanced technologies for improving patients’ lives”. Kyiv, Ukraine, June 9-11, 2022

I All-Ukrainian Congress on Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Radiation Therapy. Kyiv, Ukraine. June 4-5, 2021

VII Congress of Neurosurgeons of Ukraine. Side, Turkey. 11-18 May 2021

Webinar forum “Famous dates of neurosurgery of Ukraine”. November 13-14, 2020

International Symposium “Bridging clinical medicine and nanotechnology – advancing the network in nanomedicine for education, research and innovation in the Baltic Sea Region (nanoBSR)”. Kyiv, Ukraine, 5-6 March 2020

V Ukrainian Winter Neurosurgical Skiing Meeting. Polanytsia, Ukraine, February 27-29, 2020

Conference “High technologies for the quality of life of neurosurgical patients”. Kyiv, October 23-25, 2019

International symposium “Neuroscience and pain: from basic research to clinical practice”. Kyiv, September 20, 2019

Training course “Fundamentals of deep brain stimulation programming”. Kyiv, August 28-29, 2019

Training course EMG (advanced) with the participation Pascal Proot (Belgium). Kyiv, June 22-23, 2019

International course “Hydrocephaly and intracranial cysts with neuroendoscopy master class” and Symposium “Pediatric neuro-oncology and molecular genetics”. Kyiv, June 12-14, 2019

2nd Posterior Fossa/Cranial Base Neurosurgery Meeting and Pituitary Workshop. Kyiv, May 31 – June 1, 2019

Conference «Interventional Treatment of Pain». Kyiv, May 16-17, 2019

VI School of Clinical Neurophysiology with International Participation “Current Issues of Electromyography (EMG). Nerve injury; tunnel syndromes; differential diagnosis of plexopathies and radiculopathies”. Kyiv, April 20-21, 2019

Scientific-practical conference “Innovative technologies in neurosurgery”. Kyiv, April 17, 2019

V Scientific-practical conference “Modern methods of medical care for military injuries and medical and social rehabilitation of ATO participants”. Kyiv, April 17, 2019

Practical course “Fundamentals of Microsurgical Engineering”. Kyiv, April 12-13, 2019

UAN Annual Conference “Improvement of Functional Outcomes in Neurosurgery”. Polianytsia, March 13-15, 2019

Conference of neurosurgeons of Ukraine “Organization and modern principles of specialized neurosurgical care for stroke”. Vinnytsya, September 5-7, 2018 [in Ukrainian]

Third school on clinical neurophysiology. Kiev, December 1, 2017 [in Ukrainian]

VI Ukrainian Congress of Neurosurgery. Kharkiv, 14-16 June 2017

Conference “Orphan diseases of the nervous system. Diagnostic and Neurosurgical Aspects “. Kiev, 18 May 2017 [in Ukrainian]

Second school on clinical neurophysiology. Kiev, April 27-28, 2017 [in Ukrainian]

IV Conference “Innovations in Neurosurgery”. Kiev, 25-26 April 2017 [in Ukrainian]

Symposium “Neurosurgery of pain”. Kiev, 20 April, 2017 [in Ukrainian]

Mastery of Operative Techniques Course for Neurosurgeons. Kyiv, Ukraine. Thursday, April 13, 2017

Principles of Neurosurgery for Residents and Medical Students. Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Kyiv, Ukraine

Joint Conference of Neurosurgeons and Otolaryngologists. Kiev, 05.10.2016 [in Ukrainian]

Ukrainian Neurosurgery Conference 2016. Kamianets-Podilsky, 15-16.09.2016

III Conference “Innovations in Neurosurgery”. Kiev, 19 April 2016 [in Ukrainian]

Conference of Neurosurgeons and Lecture from Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute. Kiev, 30 September 2015 [in Ukrainian]

Conference “Innovations in Neurosurgery”. Kiev, 16 April 2015 [in Ukrainian]

Conference “Innovations in Neurosurgery”. Kiev, 15-16 October 2014 [in Ukrainian]

Conference “Innovative technologies in medicine”. Kiev, 18 April 2013 [in Ukrainian]

Past congresses and conferences of neurosurgeons of Ukraine [1993-2016]

Neurosurgical events organized by the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute

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