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Group of Otoneurology

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How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, building 6, floor 2 (see Map and Institute scheme).

Oksana Y. Skobska

head of the Group

MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Otorhinolaryngology


Elena V. Zubkova

MD, PhD, DSc, Otorhinolaryngology

Sofiya V. Levchenyuk

MD, Otorhinolaryngology


Main directions of practical and scientific activities of otoneurological department

Clinical otoneurological diagnostics, in particular, cochleovestibular dysfunction caused traumatic, vascular and tumoral brain injuries.
Improvement of inspection methods of acoustical and vestibular analyzers.
Search and development of new effective methods of recovery treatment of patients with cochleovestibular and statokoordinational disorders at injury of cranial nerves.
The perspective direction of scientific and practical activities of the department is the first time in the Ukraine introducted new method – a computer stabilography which allows quantitatively and to estimate qualitatively character and extent of disturbance of function of equilibrium. The computer stabilography is a method of an integrated assessment of the statokinetical function, based on comparison of objective indicators which display an equilibrium state in rest and at a series of functional assays. Opportunities and prospects of using of the KS method not only with the diagnostic but also rehabilitation purpose for neurosurgical patients are specified.
The department of otoneurology is the basis for the preparation of experts-otoneurologists in Ukraine.

Information for Patients

Diagnostic services of department
At the department of otoneurology surveyed stationary patients of otoneurology of Academician A.P. Romodanov Neurosurgery institute and also the ambulatory patients referred on research by consulting physicians of an out-patient department of Institute of neurosurgery.
The department of otoneurology renders diagnostic services for patients of other medical institutions.

Main otoneurological techniques:
– audiometric research;
– registration of the caused acoustical potentials (at the department of functional diagnostics);
– computer stabilography.

Information for Doctors

On the basis of the department of otoneurology information and training courses for doctors otolaryngologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, functional diagnostics, doctors of family medicine, therapists, doctors interns are conducted.

Courses are conducted by the best specialists of the department of otoneurology of the Institute of neurosurgery, having a wide experience of work in the field of otoneurological diagnostics of diseases of the central nervous system. The course includes assimilation of theoretical bases of otoneurology, acquisition of practical skills (otoneurological survey of patients under control of the experienced expert, case history analysis, councils, references, training of research methods). Duration of courses is 4 weeks (2 weeks). After the termination the certificate on passing of courses of training and information on a workplace to the diploma of the state sample is issued.
Concerning courses of training see Training Courses.

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