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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Intracerebral Tumors Department

Tel. 044 483-92-19
How to find: Institute of Neurosurgery, Building 5, 5th floor (see Map and Institute scheme).

Volodymyr D. Rozumenko
MD, PhD, ScD, Neurosurgeon
Scientific Head of the Department

Valentin M. Kluchka
MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon
Head of the department

Artem V. Rozumenko
MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon
Diseases that are treated in our clinic
The Department of Intracerebral Tumors developed and implemented in practice combined surgical methods of treatments for patients with the most complex benign and malignant brain tumors:
– Glioblastoma
– Astrocytoma
– Oligoastrocytoma
– Oligodendroglioma
– Ependimoma
– Fibrosarcoma
– Hemangioma
– Limfoma
– Meningioma
– Metastasis of cancer
– Cavernoma
– Arahnoid cysts

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