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Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
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Department of Endoscopic and Craniofacial Neurosurgery with a Group of Adjuvant Treatment

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How to find: Out-patient department (1 floor, office #10), building #5 (4th floor, office #400), building #4 (1st floor) See map and plan of the Institute
Consultations: from 9.00 till 15.00 in workdays, except holidays.
Pre-registration tel. 044 4839198, 050 4194364, 067 4660681

Andriy Huk
MD, PhD, neurosurgeon
Head of the Department

Orest Palamar
MD, PhD, neurosurgeon

Dmitriy Okonskiy
MD, neurosurgeon

Ruslan Aksyonov
MD, neurosurgeon

Dmitriy Teslenko
MD, neurosurgeon
Department is specialized in using endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques.

We perform minimally invasive (less-traumatic) surgery in case of skull base tumors, brain tumors and other central nerve system diseases using endoscopic technique through the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses:
– Pituitary adenomas, sellar and parasellar tumors;
– Ventricular tumors, brain tumors with intraventricular extension;
– Craniofacial tumors ( tumors of the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, with intracranial extension, anterior fossa and middle fossa tumors with extracranial extension), also skull base meningiomas, chordomas; cavernous sinus tumors which can be removed with endoscopic technique;
– Cystic brain tumors;
– Posterior fossa tumors, acoustic neuroma with internal acoustic meatus extension which can be removed by endoscopic technique.

Using high-tech minimally invasive, endoscopic techniques in neurosurgery (endonasal and transcranial surgery) over tumors and other skull base or brain pathologies allows to decrease in time admission at the hospital, increase life quality after surgery.

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