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01.11.2021. Neurohirurgija – The Serbian Journal of Neurosurgery

Неурохирургија – The Serbian Journal of Neurosurgery

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of Prof. Lukas Rasulic, Editor-in-Chief, we are pleased to announce that the very first Serbian Neurosurgical Journal has been launched on the Anniversary day of Serbian Neurosurgery!

As the Official Journal of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society, Неурохирургија will be aimed at attracting neurosurgical and papers from related disciplines, clinical and experimental research, as well as reviews, reports, letters, and commentaries.

The launch of this Journal represents a historical step forward in promoting science and research in the Serbian, regional, and international neurosurgical community.

We look forward to your contribution to the development of our Journal!

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With best regards,

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